Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hide And Seek

I hear the whistle blow, it's like hunger games dashing
 around like the mocking-jay.

I shoot up the tree and it starts dancing,
 shh, stop, you're too loud, stop prancing.

Quickly tuck your legs in, we might get caught…
And we don't want to go back to that planning book.

Don’t move don’t talk, she might hear us.
The footsteps start to gain volume,
 but then they start going back to mute.

I can't hear a sound, don't climb down you could get found,
And I don't really, want to get down unless 
I hear that awesome bell.

I look around there is no soul to be found, and then I hear
 “Hurry up, you do realize your time is up.”


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