Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pokemon go good or bad?

This term I was learning to write a speech. We were learning to structure and to use language devices persuade and to connect. I think it went well because I had connection with the audience and I enjoyed it. I used many parts of the speech structure and many ideas connecting to my point of view. I used several language devices to persuade and they connected with the main idea. For example I used personification by saying all the countries are paralyzed by this new app. I connected with the audience as well I think my presentation went well because I did all of the above.

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Have you ever felt like you want something so bad you can't control yourself? Like if you're
eating a choco bar and you just keep on saying one more piece, one more piece, one more piece. 10 seconds later where did it go? Or when you're in class and you think of something funny. You know you shouldn't laugh but you can’t resist. Or when you're  at home, on your xbox, and your mum being so cacophonous as usual, yells out “You need to get of that thing and go outside!”

Sadly these things can lead to disaster like this story:  once there was a teenager playing Pokemon go. She saw a pikachu on the middle of a 6 lane highway and then a driver who was also playing pokemon go smashed into her when she was catching the pikachu. Although she didn't lose her life, sadly she lost the pikachu but the driver got it. I know, right…

This shows that citizens of a variety of countries have been paralyzed by this new app, the app that crushed candy crush. And it has happened before. Take minecraft just one block after another.

Now pokemon go has had a huge effect on the world, some things good and some things bad.  I think mostly good because it gets people outside and helps with their social skills plus it makes their dream come true of being a Pokemon master. I read about a girl who was depressed and then she played Pokemon go and she started feeling happier because she spent a lot more time with her friends and was more social and it makes you do exercise which awesome.

But no it's not all good tell me about it drowning try to catch a water Pokemon, getting fried trying to catch a fire Pokemon, falling to your death trying to find a flying Pok√®mon getting poised try to catch a poison Pokemon, getting hypnotised trying to catch a psychic pokemon getting hypothermia trying to catch a ice pokemon.  Yes I am serious…

But both ways it's a good game I think…
The game makes people happy because it makes them do exercise… unless they stick their phone to a drone and I think this makes the world a better place because it's fun.https://soundcloud.com/waimairisounds/pokemon-go-good-or-bad

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