Thursday, 7 July 2016



Prejudice is when someone judges you about something when you don't even have any  experience of it. There's sex-ism age-ism and look-ism and much more but we don’t want any more. We want none because when you’re prejudged the effect can be not that nice. That's why we don’t want to have prejudice in our community. 
Sexism is when some one judges you by what gender you are like boys are dumb or girls can’t play rugby. I can’t believe these are even a thing like why would you say that when you don’t even know them? Then there's ageism which is when someone judges you by how old you are, like if you're 18 you can’t play with nerf guns. Even if you try not to be prejudiced sometimes your brain puts these things in boxes and says this person is tall he must play basketball and I don’t like sporty people and if your brain does that you won’t get that far because you won’t make any friends. I don’t think you want that, so that's why you shouldn't be prejudiced. I think we could improve on not being prejudice by thinking twice about what we say about other people.

We interviewed lots of immigrants from different countries there are many ways we can improve on making immigrants feel included. These are some things that we can do:
Say hello
Give them a tour of the school
Make a conversation
Invite them to something
Include them
Treat them like your friend

It is important to make immigrants feel included because if we don’t they will get sad and that does not give our country a good reputation.

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  1. Cool I like it it's really cool I love the way explained how prejudice it makes me yhik what I can do to not say prejudice things to other people and I like how you talk about the effect on the people.