Tuesday, 7 June 2016


This term we have been learning about the elements of music, such as tone/rhythm/beat/dynamics/tempo/pitch. We have also been focusing on art. First we had to write a poem about where our heart lies or where we come from, and a special person in our life.

We picked one of these poems to put in our art. I choose where do I come from. I made apastel drawing of our mountain like castle rock and so on. And we had to make lots of circles in the sky like the sun. We chose warm colours and cold colours. I used cold colours for my mountain and warm colours for my sun.

We took pictures of our family and turned them into Andy Warhol's art. We also made a waka/boat and but Maori patterns on it. After that we made a river for the waka/boat, first we chose where the river will come out of then we cut a paper river and showed the teacher when we got the thumbs up we chose our material. I chose a type of foam and put the paper underneath then cut around it then. I painted it with blue paint then put some glitter on it for some sparkle. We had to stick it on, then stick our waka/boat on and then we cut out our people and put them on. We printed our poem and glued it in the corner and after we wrote our name in a creative way like block or normal or square.

During this time I made a soundscape of my poem, my one was calm and happy. I used a pig that sound like a duck to make it sound like a duck and I made a beat like slap clap slap clap. I made a peaceful sound with the guitar and violin. Then we shared it to iMovie and made it into a video. After that we recorded us doing our Mihi using an app called aurasma. We took a photo of our poem and put our soundscape on it so when other people scan it it will start playing music. Overall I think my art was relational because my soundscape connected to my poem.

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  1. A detailed recount of what you did Oscar. I'd love to see a photo of your finished artwork posted with this reflection. :)