Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Mountain Biking

I am so excited because today I had mountain biking! We clipped our helmets on and started to get our bikes, ‘I hoped I’d get a green one, as we waited by the shed near the forest.
As she pulled the bike out I'd the shed I saw the wheels I saw the seat and I ALSO SAW! A red bike. “Wow,” I said with a depressed face, then we all lined up in front of the inspector.

 “Ok so now we are going to learn how to use our gears,. Some of you have click gears and some have twist gears. If you have click gears you click the thumb to go down a gear and click your finger to go up and if you have twist gears twist up to go up and twist down to go down,”

“Ok we got it,” yep said everyone. Then she said but whatever you do don’t change them when you are  not peddling. Then I thought to myself what happens if it breaks? Will it explode? Will the wheels fall off? WILL I DIE!??! I ask the Inspector. “Yes you will die,” she says as I think to myself are you serious! As we start to head to the track

Mountain Biking Reflection
I was learning to use punctuation and show emotion.
I think I did ok because I used punctuation some of the time but not all of the time.

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