Sunday, 18 October 2015

Y.M.C.A. Basketball court

It was a hot day the Waimairi Breakers and I  were ready to play basketball. The parents were getting seated. The seats in the stadium rose up on the wall like they do in the Rome racetrack. However this stadium does not hold 250,000 people. We heard the whistle. It was the other team's ball. The teams were doing a throw in as the lines pushed us around like force fields telling us where to go. Then bam that ball landed on our side. then Lewis court it and then he passed it to me! you're probably wondering why that's a bad thing and that answer is I am not that good at basketball.  So as any other 'not-that-good-at-basketball' player would do, I quickly passed it to Ari. No it went out! "Other team's ball," said the ref, being bossy as usual.  At that stage everybody started to get hot and sweaty and asked themselves how many minutes to go?  That was when the parents started to embarrass the players by yelling out come on shoot the hoop! Especially the mums.

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