Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Cows are farm animals with a white body and black spots and have three tummies. If we didn't have cows then we wouldn't have milk and cheese. And now I am going to tell you a story about when cows made me  but also ecstatic. It was a warm sunny day in my backyard. I was bouncing on my tramp when a heard a tentative MOO and automatically I knew what it was and I bet you do too. 
Then a large white animal with black spots came stiffly walking up the driveway. I jumped eagerly down from the trampoline wanting to pat the cow. I calmly walked up to it and patted its big white and black back. All of a sudden he licked me right on the face. Ooo I yelled putting my hands up and taking a step back. Its tongue felt like sandpaper. I went to the back and patted it from behind it so it wouldn't lick me. Then it kicked me in the leg. This cow just won't stop making me think about where to pat it. I went to the side and finally it stopped.

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