Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Robber taxi

Are you the kind of person who judges things by what you first see? But then afterwards you realize you were completely wrong? Like if you see a big stone house and think it's really cold and dark inside but it actually looks like the future when you go in! 
Or you look at a person who looks really mean but turns out really nice? Or it could be the other way, like you get a giant present but it's just a big empty box. Things aren’t always as they seem. And they can surprise and embarrass you. I’m not sure I should really be telling you this story. Please promise you won’t go reporting me to any police. As I said, things aren’t always like they seem at first.

We were just heading back from Motueka and I was in the back seat trying to say no to boredom. So this is what having boredom feels like I said to myself. I was gazing out the window when I saw up ahead of me a man holding his thumb out. Looked pretty normal, but the thing was mum always stops for hitchhikers. Then mum said what I knew was coming. 

“Do you think we should pick him up Oscar?” Do we have to? I replied. I was always told NOT to talk to strangers or get in cars with them...this is soooo wrong. Ohh come on why not, she said...Next thing he's sitting in the car right next to me. Well he actually seemed quite nice, had a Canadian accent and a really cool Nike back pack full of something heavy.

We had planned to get a real fruit ice cream and guess what we ended up getting the hitchhiker one too. And dad, because he wasn't there so mum felt bad for him. Then we got back in the car and headed to the campsite, where he was living, in the middle of nowhere. So that went alright I guess. 

Two days later after a late night swim in Kaiteri, I saw the same man heading into a dairy.  5 minutes later I heard an alarm then the man rushed out of the store and weirdly he came out with 4 wine bottles, and lemonade. And that's when I realized….. I had just helped a robber! I thought back to when he was in the car and wonder if that bag had been full of stolen goods. 
He was gone in a flash and there was nothing I could do. 

Or, could I have stopped him? I SHOULD have run after him, I SHOULD have told the police, I SHOULD have told Mum and Dad. Well, Mum always says don't say SHOULD because it's just SHOULDING on yourself!! And as I said things aren't always as they seem at first.

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