Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Māori reflection

This year I have been learning about Māori ritual and its importance. At the start of the year I had no idea how to sing any Maori songs or know why we do it or when we do it. But then when I did it again I got better and know how to sing one Māori song and why we sing it and when we sing it. 
Then later I felt way better about myself and then I knew how to sing all the Māori songs and why we use them and when we use them. And then every time we did it I was at the front every time and then I got seen and got picked to be a sub leader for Kapa Haka. The next time we did it I was always on the stage showing others how to sing and do Māori songs and dances. And I changed because I tried hard and listened to how to say the words the right way and sat by someone that I would not talk to. 
I think it has been important for me because I know how important it is to respect Māori culture and why. And I think that my future goal is to be a proper leader in year six.  Here is an audio link to our performances and explanations of our learning.    

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