Tuesday, 12 May 2015


In our classroom we are learning about our water ways and we got to chose if we wanted to do a rap, a dance or charades.  I chose charades. First we had to write down some ideas of the parts of waterways like pipes and rivers and everything that includes water. Here's some of the stuff I learnt. Did you know that only 3 percent of our water is fresh and that in some countries their water bill can get really high, so that every time they are using water like doing their teeth when they spit they turn the tap off . And did you know that bridges can affect our water because it can make our fish below get sick plus if it falls down it will make the river water dirty and it will block it up. And I think that my group went really well because we came second when we were showing it to the other people who were doing dance and raps. I think that my thinking is multistructural because we learnt lots of things and we did 4 acts and a final so we did 5 and we acted  fishing and rafting and and I can't remember the other ones but the final was cows pooing and polluting the river.  Here is a link. Can you guess our charades?

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  1. What a funny video - were you being cows? I suppose they pollute our water. I'm glad you learnt lots