Wednesday, 25 March 2015

High Ropes at Camp

So here I am at school camp at Wainui, second day and ready for high ropes.  We went up a steep path with trees over growing on the sides. There was a big shed full of canoes and we went into a small room full of gear like ropes, helmets, and harnesses. I got a red helmet.  

We then went to a big barky pit with huge logs on the side.  First we put the helmet on then we learnt how to put the harness on. We stepped our legs through the leg holes, then we pulled a strap just like on a seat belt until it tightened.  We had to put the strap in a silver clip to make it a c because c for is for closed  and o is for open.  We had to tighten the straps on our legs and our hips. We could then step onto the bark.  

The first thing we saw was 4 big tall poles with wires on the sides. On one side you had to walk across a wire then climb higher and walk across a wire with ropes hanging down. On the other side first there were buoys to get past,  then there was a log that you had to walk across. Then on the back was a giant ladder -  that's mostly all, except at the front there was a climbing wall and then a wobbly pole with handles. There was also a piece of ladder made out of string and that's what the course looked like.  

We got split into groups and I got split into a group of 3 with 1 adult.  Then he said “Go!” We ran to the course with the wire and the ropes. I was first.  I climbed a ladder to the wire, I stepped on to the wire feeling a little bit wobbly, I grabbed on to the wire above thinking ‘I'm going to full backwards’. I was saying to myself ‘don't lean backwards and don't look down... or up!’ I dragged my feet one at a time, slowly getting to the next level above. Then I look ahead and see finally I'm at the end. I felt like I had just given birth. 

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